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Applicants for membership require to be proposed and seconded formally by two existing members and are subject to confirmation by the Committee. All applicants agree to abide by Club rules and the general code of ethics as recommended by The Kennel Club.

Fees become due January 1st, annually.

Subscription Rates

Cash or cheques in STERLING only please made payable to STBEA. Cheques must be drawn on a British bank. Euro cheques no longer accepted. Subscriptions to The Secretary, Mrs Anne Dauncey

Members resident in the UK: 12.00 (Single) £15.00 (Joint)
plus joining fee of 3.00

Juniors (Under 17) 2.00

Members Resident Overseas: 20.00 (Single or Joint)

Rejoining fee for lapsed membership 3.00


If you have a PayPal account, you can now pay your membership fees through this convenient and secure online payment method. 4% has been added for Paypal fees.

Members resident in the UK: £12.50 (Single) £15.60 (Joint)
plus joining fee of £3.20

Juniors (Under 17) £3.20

Members Resident Overseas: £21.00 (Single or Joint)

Should membership lapse, then a rejoining fee of £3.20 is payable.


Paypal Instructions

1. Logon to your Paypal account at
2. Click on the "Send Money" tab.
3. Enter the email address
4. Enter amount you wish to pay (see above).
5. Select "Services" then press "Continue".
6. This takes you to the "Review your payment" page. Check that all details are correct and press "Send Money".

NB All sums of money (fees, adverts, goods) paid to the club need to have 4% as has been added above. This is to cover PayPal charges.

Previous Years' Yearbooks Available For Sale

You will find a list available in the current yearbook. Postage & packaging: please contact the Secretary, Mrs Anne Dauncey


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