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In 2008, all Scottish Terrier Breed clubs were contacted by the Kennel Club and asked to appoint a "Single Lead Health Coordinator who would serve the breed as a whole". Jenny Morris offered her time to devote to this new position and was elected as the "Single Lead Health Coordinator". On health related matters, Jenny is taking her directive from the Kennel Club. All information will then be passed onto the Breed Club Secretaries for discussion at the relevant Committees and forwarded to Club Members. Should any Breed Club Member feel the need to contact Jenny with information etc, she can be contacted at

Common Canine Poisons
Link to The Kennel Club Health website

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology
Large-scale survey to estimate the prevalence of disorders for 192 Kennel Club registered breeds

The Yellow Dog Project UK
A yellow ribbon or some other yellow indicator on a dogs leash means this dog needs some space

Kennel Club Charitable Trust Gives Further Funding To Canine Genetic Research Project ‘Give A Dog A Genome’

Longitudinal Health Project in Scottish Terriers by The Nottingham University Canine Breed Health Research Group

Scottish Terrier Breed Health by Jenny Morris

The KarltonINDEX(tm): Measuring the progress in the health of our dogs
Compiled by Phillipa Robinson

Transitional Cell Carcinomas (TCC) in Scottish Terriers by Dr M Starkey
Animal Health Trust

Rearing a Litter by Stuart Plane
Reprinted from the 2012 Yearbook, pp63

Research on Inherited Diseases in Dogs (Animal Health Trust) by Jenny Morris
Reprinted from the 2010 Yearbook, pp73

Can Scotties Get Stoned? by Nancy Aaron
Reprinted from the 2010 Yearbook, pp70-72

Canine Cushings Syndrome by Marian Godwin Clifford
Reprinted from the 2003 Yearbook, pp89-91

Ataxia in Scotties: Wobbly Dogs by Carol Fry Owen
Reprinted from the 2002 Yearbook, pp102-104

Canine Herpes by Susan Finn, Destiny Scottish Terriers
Reprinted from the 2001 Yearbook, pp78-80



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