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About the STB&EA
(Founded 1934)

The objects of the Club are:

  • To further the breeding and exhibiting of Scottish Terriers;
  • To promote a further interest of the breed and exhibiting by novices, and thus encouraging them to take a greater interest in the breed;
  • To advance the interest in the breed by holding Members Limited, Open and Championship Shows at which Special Classes will be held for beginners, and to run breeders and other stakes as advisable.

Membership of the STB&EA gives you the following advantages:

  • A copy of the annual Year Book. This contains Members' advertisements, articles of general interest, awards at Championship Shows and lists with names and addresses of all fellow members;
  • The opportunity to purchase a range of Scottie accessories and memorabilia;
  • All overseas members receive an annual newsletter in August / September which includes information needed for advertising in the yearbook, Scottie news and details of Club activities which have taken place in the first half of the year.


Mrs Freda Wright

Miss Jane Miller

Honorary Vice Presidents:

Miss Jane Miller

Honorary Life Members: Mrs Sue Baker
Mrs Rosemary Crewe
Mrs Mickey Daltrey

Mrs Anne Dauncey
Miss Jane Miller
Mr Paul Newman
Mrs Rosemary Newman
Miss Catherine Owen
Secretary: Mrs Anne Dauncey
Treasurer: tbc
Show Manager:

Richard Corney

Honorary Cup Steward: Mr P Greenwood

Miss Clair Chapman
Mr Richard Corney
Mr Andrew Dauncey
Mr A Goddard
Mrs M Goddard
Mr P Greenwood
Mrs Edith Hills
Mrs Barbara Mahmoudi
Mr G Meek

Mrs M Goddard
Mr J Whitby

Breed Council Delegates:

Mrs Barbara Mahmoudi
Miss Jane Miller


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