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About Scotties

About Scotties
Photo by Sally Anne Thompson

No one really knows the origin of the Scottish Terrier, but some people believe it has been terrorising small rodents in Scotland for centuries. Indeed, it is possibly the oldest highland terrier and some believe, parent to many other dogs. Probably a breed with Celtic roots, these dogs may have existed as a distinct group by the early 16th century. Despite the mystery surrounding its origin, however, the dog has certainly been bred along pure lines for many years.

The name "terrier" comes from the Latin terra meaning "earth". Generally used for hunting, these short, sturdy dogs were designed for the purpose of rooting small pest animals such as badgers, foxes and rats out of their burrows.

Scottish Terriers are characterised by long fur, heavy eyebrows and whiskers, and independant, spirited personalities. Typical of terriers, the Scottie dog imagines itself a few feet taller than its average 10-11" height and can be quite fearless - if not foolish - in the face of a larger adversary.

Perhaps because of its ancient lineage, the Scottish Terrier carries many aliases, including Scottie, Highland and Aberdeen. The wiry coat exists in many colors, including black, wheaten or brindle of any shade.

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